Product Benefits

At Counter Advice, Inc. we do not try to sell you products, we educate our customers with the positive and negative of each product and let the customer decide what product is best for their application. When asked why customers purchased from Counter Advice, Inc. the answer is almost always “We felt most comfortable with your sales staff. We were not pressured to purchase anything and walked away feeling like we made an educated decision.”

Home kitchen countertop

Material we offer


Custom and Postform Laminate. Square Edge, Bevel Edge, Crescent Edge. Variety of colors and textures. Low Cost.

Solid Surface

Every reputable brand. Fourteen Edge choices. Set-on or Coved Spash. Non Porous. Inconspicuous Seams. Integral Sinks. Renewable Surface. 10 to 15 year warranty.


Every reputable brand. Non Porous. Incredibly hard to scratch. 10 to 15 year warranty.

Granite & Marble

Natural Product. Variety of colors. Unsurpassed Looks

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